Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pinterst is Sew Fun- The Posey Edition

Hi there! I can't believe it's taken me till today to get back here. I guess I've been busy, but mostly it's boring stuff.   But yesterday I decided to take a few minutes and make something for the heck of it. 
Months ago I was on Pinterest and I saw the cutest vintage quilt.  Quick go take a look and come right back, here's the link.  I just loved that quilt. Ok, maybe the layout is kind of funky but I love it, and  what a  cute scallop border. I bet I know where I can get some easy scallops!  I tried a bunch of different ways to get something that had the same visual appeal without the curved piecing for a couple of reasons.  1. I'm pretty lazy and not always the best piecer so that project seemed doomed from the start.  2. I don't want to cut all those pieces out because I have the dexterity of a toddler when it comes to templates. And don't even get me started with my attention span.  Nonexistant.

Little Cherries
But I had what I thought was a pretty genius idea.  I have a Go! Baby, so I ordered the  Drunkard's Path 3 1/2 inch finished die. I cut 4 squares of blue fabric and put fusible web on the back and then ran them through the cutter.  The die has little notches for matching up to the coordinating pieces for the background, but I just nipped those off with my scissors.  Then I fused it to a square and I had the center of the block!   Of course I used my favorite die for the leaves and circles, the Go! Rose of Sharon.. I use that die a lot.   I know, you think the red circle is too small, it might be, I have to wait to trim down the block to decide. The stem might be too long, the circle too small, there's still tinkering to do, but ohmygosh it's cute.  Ok, to me anyway. 

Little cherries
Imagine my surprise when looking through my cool Japanese block book that I found almost same block. I also looked it up in the Barbara Brackman Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns and there are several names for this block and similar blocks, Posies Around the Square, Dandelion Quilt,  The Posey Quilt,  Spice Pinks and Sweetheart Garden. 

Little Cherries
I found another picture on Pinterest that lead me to Pinkadot Quilt's blog.   You can see a post here where she's working on the quilt and it's adorable in cheerful colors.  You can check out this fun post by Barbara Brackman  about the Posey Quilt! More setting ideas.  I am super thrilled with my block and if I end up making a quilt out of it I'll share my instructions here.  It  won't be the traditional method, but it might be a method the average quilting toddler could make.  Like me.
Ok, have a super week friends!!! I hope you're having fun! xop

Friday, April 17, 2015

Crafty Crap

Hi there Happy Friday!  I hope the week treated you well.  And if it didn't, phew, it's the weekend!  Time to kick up your heels and head into sew, outside in the sun, or just to your comfy chair for a piece of quiet!
Frankie helped me out this week with a little organizing.  I confess to having that kid-like overwhelmed feeling when it comes to organizing my own stuff.  I just want to plop myself down and have a kid style tantrum.  She'd given me this cute 'Crafty Crap' tin and it totally inspired me to get busy.  It's like my new glue gun was made for it.  

Crafty Crap
And now it's one thing off my sewing table that didn't belong there.  Maybe this weekend I'll get the rest of the stuff cleared off.
Crafty Crap
HAHAHAHAHA.  Who am I kidding?
Hope you have a super fun weekend my crafty friends!  You're the greatest. xo

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bow Wow!

It's time for this month's Snapshot Block Puppy Love. So far this might be my favorite, I love that cute dog, even if right now he's without his eyes.  I've always wanted a dog that would ride in my bike basket and I think this just might be as close as I get!

SnapShots Month 4
In PamKittyVille, all cute dogs are pink.  Nothing wrong with that, right? RIGHT?

SnapShots Month 4
And look at the cute bow!

SnapShots Month
The whole thing is adorable!!! 

SnapShots Month 4

If you haven't heard about the Fat Quarter Shop Snapshots quilt you can click here to get the whole low down, click here to watch a video tutorial on this cute Puppy love block, download the pdf pattern here, and donate to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital here. 

Just for fun, check out what everyone else is up to this month!

Ok, hope you're having a good week! Happy Sewing!

Monday, April 13, 2015


Back in the groove today!  We released mom back to her own habitat over the weekend. Sorry to see her go, but she's back with her own stuff, and her books and knitting.   I know I can lure her back with the promises of tea and cookies and toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch. 

I didn't do much in the way of sewing while she was here... just little bits of this and that.  I did prep a purse for quilt market.  I am so in love with these wonderful faux patent leather handles from Emma Creation.  Emma very kindly sent me the pink and  vanilla colored handles to try out.  The pink is a perfect match for my favorite aqua tulip fabric and the vanilla will work perfectly with the Fog City Kitty gray fabrics coming soon.   Emma Creation is a wholesales site, and your local shop can order from them directly, or they can order from a wide variety of distributers.  The handles are by Inazuma  and I love their style and their quality.    And don't you think a nice handle really makes a difference in the look of a bag? 
Now what I need is for my friend Keiko to show me how to properly sew those little tabs onto my bag.  I'm really just faking it at this point.   In the meantime I better get busy on this bag, market is creeping up on us faster than we think. 
Hope you had a good weekend!  The weather was nice here and that infusion of Vitamin D is just what I needed to boost my spirits.  Fingers crossed we're all in for a great week! xo

Hey PS!  Holly is on Pat Sloan's radio show today!!! Be sure and check it out here!  You can get it live or the recorded version. Exciting! Nerve Wracking! Always fun!

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Gone and Back Again

Good morning!  Long time no see!  How was your weekend? Did you celebrate?  Was it fun?  We had an eventful few days, my mom took a tumble on Saturday and she banged up her knee, so we've been had her here where we can keep a watchful eye on her.  She's fine thank goodness! We're spending our time visiting and relaxing and not much else.  We'll release her soon, but for now we're enjoying the company.  (and the good excuse to be lazier than normal!)
But in the meantime I thought I'd show you my pictures from Quilter's Cupboard in Atascadero, California!  We had a love visit there  during the retreat, which seems like eons ago! 

Quilter's Cupboard
It's my favorite kind of shop, one with little nooks and crannies where you can find all kinds of treasure.  They have a wide variety of fabrics for their customers, which is great.  There are tons of samples all over which is always inspiring.  And they're nice.  I really like that.  They have a lot of books and patterns, and you could easily find everything you needed for a project there.  I even spied some Pam Kitty Fabric there which always is thrilling to me. 

Quilter's Cupboard

Quilter's Cupboard

Quilter's Cupboard

Quilter's Cupboard

Quilter's Cupboard

Quilter's Cupboard
So cheerful! I would really recommend a visit if you were in the area! Tell them I sent you!
Pretty soon I need to show you my less than stellar photos of the wonderful show and tell from the retreat.  I just keep getting distracted!  And speaking of distracted, the other evening Bret lackadaisically said "wanna see a raccoon?"  I thought he'd taken a picture of one with his phone. Nope. This guy on the fence. 

What the heck?  Luckily he stayed on  Alice-Jane's side of the fence.  Probably not as lucky for her. 
Hope it's good on your side of the screen! xo

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Pat Sloan's Teach Me to Appliqué

This morning I'm going to share a little about my friend  Pat Sloan's Teach me to Applique book.  Published by Martingale, it's filled with beautifully styled photos and expert instruction.   I'm lucky that Martingale provide this  e-book for me for review. 

Teach me to Applique by Pat Sloan

Often people ask me about  fusible appliqué, because they know I love the blanket stitch and would happily sit for hours with tv and my sewing machine.  Finally  I have a reference to suggest to them.  Of course machine applique starts with the application of fusible web and Pat  shows how to create beautiful soft applique with her method.  There's also in-depth instruction about stitching, including inside and outside corners, alternatives to the blanket stitch and ohmygosh a huge section about threads! I tend to go with matching thread these days, back when I got started I used black like so many people did.  I love all the looks and Pat shows you a lot of options.  As any great instructor would do, Pat breaks it all down for  us, including a section on stitching sequence.  So many things that I picked up over years of machine applique are all written down here in this book.  Plus a ton and a half things that I didn't think about!

Teach me to Applique by Pat Sloan
There are a lot of fun projects in this book.  Right off I loved Sweet Bea's Bouquet.  Pat shares her inspiration for the project and I always enjoy reading those stories that include tidbits about family members, in this case Pat's great-Aunt.

Teach me to Applique by Pat Sloan
I traced the shapes and had them fused post haste.  I like to get projects ready to pick up at a moment's notice, so this block will be ready when I am looking for something fun and mindless to work on.  I think it would make a cute pillow, so that's how I will probably finish it! 

Do you follow Pat?    You can catch her on her Creative Talk Network radio show, on her blog, on Facebook, on you tube, and in her forum. I know there's a ton of other places too, but you get the idea, Pat Sloan is everywhere! And a lot of times she's traveling to teach, you can catch her schedule here. You can buy an autographed copy of her book here.
In other words, Pat is everywhere!  
Ok everybody, hope your week is going well!  Can you believe it's April!!! I can't ! 
I do receive Martingale e-books for free, but I only review and recommend books that I like and I think would make a good addition to your quilt library!   Pat's book is definitely one of those books!
Book Photos courtesy of Martingale Publishing
Photos by Brent Kane

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

When Squirrels Attack

Squirrels are jerks.  Yesterday a squirrel got into my house though the screen door.  Not the official way, the way where they claw their way through the screen. I walked out to get my camera and there he was! He was probably just as surprised as I was, and he jumped up on my hutch.

when squirrels attack
I guess that will teach me to just drop a bag of delicious bird seed right inside the back door instead of walking it out to the metal can that I keep it in. The one with the squirrel proof lid.  Lesson Learned. The hard way.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday, again!

Happy Monday Morning Super Friends!  What are you up to? How was the weekend?  Over in PamKittyville it was busy.. lots to do around here. You guys know how it is! It's always something!

something fun
Luckily I found some sewing time, which was great.  I have this little project I'll talk about later, it's just for fun. I love machine applique and I can't wait to fuse it and have it ready when I want some good zen sewing. 
Not much else going on today, except loads of coffee and lots of work.  Hope you have a great week! xo

Friday, March 27, 2015

Charm Box Quilt Short Cut Quilt Pattern

Good morning!  Today we're working on another Shortcut Quilt with the Fat Quarter Shop! The Charm Box quilt takes just two charm packs and 7/8ths a yard of a solid fabric. (check the pattern for binding and backing requirements)  I chose the Milk, Sugar and Flower collection by Elea Lutz(Be sure and check your charm pack to make sure you have enough squares for you project!  You'll need 60! )

Charm Box
The most exciting thing about this  pattern the shortcut piecing! Holy cow people!! It's great! I confess to being skeptical, but wow, it really works!  You can see it all in the video here! Even Kimberly can't contain her enthusiasm!

Charm Box Quilt
Its gorgeous sunny spring weather her in Northern California, and it's perfect for showing off a fun springtime quilt.  That's a lot of spring time in one picture.

Charm Box Quilt
I'm a little embarrassed it looks like I wadded it up in a paperbag and drove out to get a photo.  My iron is not heating up as it should and that make pressing a bit of a challenge.  That and the super sunshine make this adorable project seem like  a bit of a hot mess.  BUT OH GOSH IT'S CUTE.

Charm Box Quilt
Super springy!  I chose the pretty floral for backing, but once I laid it all out, I decided that it would make a pretty border and extend the size just a bit.  And look at that cute stripe for the binding! So now I'm just waiting for the time I can focus on finishing it.  Frankie thinks it will be great for hanging out and binge watching tv. I think she's right!

Charm Box Quilt
Pam Kitty really plays well with Milk, Sugar, Flower!  This was a happy accident on my cutting table one day!  You know me, I like to get along!

So for sure you're ready to download your pattern right?  Here are all the links you'll need!
Now hop on over to the Jolly Jabber to see who else made Charm Box Quilts!
Have a great weekend everybody!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Petal Pathway

Hi there!  I got some happy news this week, the McCall's Quilting  issue with Holly's Petal Pathway Quilt is available!  The quilt was designed by Holly for the magazine using Pam Kitty Garden, and it was pieced by Debbie Taylor newly retired from The Fat Quarter Shop and quilted by Karolyn Jensen, known to many of you as Nubin.

_Cover FULL
You can find the information on this quilt on the McCall's website here. And guess what, you can get a kit for this here at the Fat Quarter Shop.  They have a nice photo on their website so you can get a good close up of the fabrics used! 


These photos were provided by McCall's magazine.
It's always exciting to see Pam Kitty Fabric. I hope you'll check out the McCall's Quilting  May/June issue ! Holly does a great job creating beautiful designs to stitch up!
Ok people!  I'm on my way to get my magazine! I hope you have a great day! xo


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Part 1 of the Retreat

Happy Tuesday!  I know I know... it's taken forever to get to the retreat report! To me it seems like it's so far in the past.. and it's been what a week? Or is it two? I'm not even sure! It seems like the time is just speeding by me right now. Anyway, the retreat was set up by my  friends Deb and Debbie, and I was excited to be invited into this long time group of sewing friends.  The retreat was held along the Central California Coast in Templeton at the Dancing Deer Farm. The location was great, very picturesque and the weather was perfect.  Nice during the day and cool at night!

Dancing Deer Farm, Templeton, CA
Of course there were deer! Everywhere was green and lush. I brought my binoculars and watched the birds, it was great. Lots of outdoor seating for reading or relaxing. It was very unstructured so you could go out and go shopping or stay in and sew or nap or read.. lots of room to spread out.. really a great time.  The food was wonderful, and who wouldn't want to have meals appear without having to think them up or make them!

We had a block swap. Debbie and Deb provided instructions for the block and most of us made one, then we put our names on them and put them into the pot.  That was fun. 

block lotto
We also played Left Right Center, I had never played before.  We each brought 3 batik fat quarters to play with.  Mary won all of them!

Left Right Center Winner Mary
We had the famous cake (Black Forest) from the infamous Madonna Inn.

Cake from Madonna Inn
Julie and Deanna made cute bags for everyone.  Deanna made the cute bag with the sewing machine on her embroidery machine.  Super cute.

Cute Sewing treats from Julie and Deanna
I worked on some blocks for Holly and then some projects for me.

Work in progress for Holly

Work in progress for Holly
I sat across from Debbie who was working on the basket quilt we started in a workshop with Laura Nownes.   I'm embarrassed at how long ago that was and how I'm not any farther than I was in January a year ago when I blogged about it here.

Quilt REtreat show and tell
But her Pam Kitty Love baskets make me want to get it back out again.  For sure.  She's close, she'll be done before me I'm sure. 
So later I'll take you on a tour of a cute quilt shop and show you some great show and tell, well the quilts are great, the photos are lackluster but you'll get the idea.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Fog City Kitty Strikeoffs

Good morning!  How was your week?  I was super busy, I came home from the retreat and then next thing you know it's Friday!  I know I still owe you some retreat photos  but I had a couple of days where I couldn't download photos for some reason and then well, the week got away from me.  If you head to instagram you can see a little bit of the weekend while you wait, plus some pictures of the latest quilt I'm test piecing for Holly.
Anyway, the exciting thing yesterday was getting over to the studio and checking out the strikeoffs for Fog City Kitty!  I am so pleased with how they turned out.  It's been a real treat to have that bonus collection and exciting to have some fresh fabric earlier in the year. 

Fog City Kitty
I'm quite pleased with all the wonderful colors.  This is an extension of Pam Kitty Garden in a "fog" gray colorway, something a lot of shops asked for.  We also had a lot of requests for the cherries so we popped some of those in too!  Of course in true Pam Kitty style, all the new Pam Kitty mixes right in with the old Pam Kitty. 
Fog City Kitty
Not to jump the gun, but how cute are these Sunrise Studio mini strawberries with these prints?  SUPER CUTE TO ME!  I hope to you too. 

Fog City Kitty + Sunrise Studio

Fog City Kitty Plays well with Sunrise Studio

Once we have strike offs you know that yardage isn't far behind.  Of course it has to travel from the mill and then get rolled on bolts and then get shipped to the distributor and then to the stores, so patience is the name of the game right now.  And I'm still pretty darn happy sewing on my Pam Kitty Garden fabrics.
Sunrise Studio by LakeHouse with Fog City Kitty
But back to business here... I love the new colors of scallops available , there's even a yellow hidden in there!  They all go very nicely with Pam Kitty ... of course!  I'm having so much fun working with them. 
Fog City Kitty

Ooops another picture.  Sorry, I hope you can indulge me today! I can't help it, I love it so much.  Of course you know that Holly is the woman behind the curtain Wizard of Oz style. She's the one who makes it really great!

Sunrise Studio by LakeHouse
Here's more of the Sunrise Studio.. new scallops in new sizes.  They'll be perfect for your more petite scallop needs! Bags! Blocks!  Holly has some great projects coming in McCalls Quilting and McCalls Quick Quilts.  I can't wait till I can share those with you.  Remember to head over to Instagram and you'll see a bit of a sneak peek of those test blocks.

Sunrise Studio by LakeHouse

Sunrise Studio by LakeHouSunrise Studio by LakeHousese
Sunrise Studio by LakeHouse
Seriously, strawberries good enough to eat! 

Fog City Kitty and Sunrise Studio
All in all it looks pretty darn good I'd say!  I was so completely thrilled to see them all laid out with the Sunrise Studio prints looking so cheerful.  It makes me want to sew sew sew!
So that's that!  I hope you guys have a great weekend!  I can't believe it's Friday!  Better get my coffee and get busy!!!  xo
P. S. Be sure and ask your favorite quilt  shop to order Fog City Kitty and Sunrise Studio!!!  That would be super awesome!